About Us

Troyer Kitchen and Bath is a cabinet company with full-service capabilities including design, manufacturing, and installation of kitchen and bath cabinetry.

We believe in listening to our clients, guiding them thru the decision-making process, and supporting them thru project completion. We gather and manage details not only for a successful project, but for peace of mind thru the process.

Our team is highly experienced in a diverse background of styles and designs. Our expertise is used in a down-to-earth and friendly approach.

The vast majority of our residential clientele base is generated thru general contractors and design firms. However, we contract directly with home-owners when the opportunities are a solid fit.

Core Values

We will work with passion and enthusiasm.

We will work with integrity while understanding the things we do while nobody is watching is a true reflection of our character.

We pursue excellence by constantly raising the bar.

We will generate referrals and repeat business by well-executed projects.